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Frostbites - Frost Berries

Frostbites - Frost Berries

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Aprox serving 45/60g per pot 

Introducing "Frost Bites - Frost Berries," the exciting evolution of Skittles original fruit flavor. These delightful Skittles have been freeze-dried, a fascinating process that removes 99% of the moisture, resulting in a transformation that resembles popcorn. The name "Frost Bites" is a playful nod to the chilling process they undergo.

These crispy, light morsels offer a texture that's reminiscent of meringue, making them a uniquely satisfying snack. But their versatility doesn't end there – they're fantastic as cake toppings or a delightful addition to your favourite ice cream.

Frost Bites - Frost Berries are vegan and come in various pack sizes to cater to your needs, including Sample, Treat Bag, and Share Bag. They are crafted in-house by freeze-drying Skittles in a lab-grade vacuum chamber, slowly heating them, and then freezing them to a crisp -10 degrees.

While they may not have specific health benefits, they are sure to spark joy and curiosity. These freeze-dried Skittles have already garnered rave reviews, with customers exclaiming, "The best thing these lads have ever done," and "It's like eating science."

Perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more, they add a pop of excitement to any event. And if you're looking to buy in bulk for events or retail, we offer wholesale options.

For freshness, store them in a dry, cool place. Be sure to check out the fascinating process on our YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Whether you're seeking a unique snack, a conversation starter, or a special treat for an event, Frost Bites - Frost Berries are the freeze-dried delight you've been looking for. And with wholesale and bulk options available, they're perfect for businesses too. Order yours today and experience the magic of freeze-dried Skittles!

due to the manufacturing process, some orders may take up to 7 days to ship.


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