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Freeze Dried Bucket 2kg Massive Bulk Bucket

Freeze Dried Bucket 2kg Massive Bulk Bucket

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Enjoy the delicious taste of skittles anytime with Freeze Dry Bucket!

  • Long Shelf Life: With a shelf life of 12 months, this product is perfect for snacking or stocking up for emergencies.
  • Freeze Dried: The skittles are freeze dried, ensuring they retain their original flavour and texture.
  • Cupboard Storage: The product can be stored easily in a cupboard, making it convenient to have on hand whenever you need it.

This 2KG bucket of freeze dried skittles is perfect for candy lovers who want to enjoy their favourite snack anytime and anywhere. The long shelf life of 12 months means you can store this product without worrying about expiration. The freeze drying process ensures that the skittles retain their original flavour and texture while also preserving them for a longer time. Simply store the bucket in your cupboard until you're ready to enjoy some mouth-watering candy bites!

Please note that this product comes with an expiration date of 12/24, so make sure to consume it before then. Additionally, an age warning applies to this product as well!

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