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Mini Mystery Treat bag!

Mini Mystery Treat bag!

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Introducing our delightful Mini Mystery Treat Bag! Unveil the thrill of surprises and satisfy your sweet tooth with this exciting assortment of goodies. Packed with a selection of chew bars, grab bags, pick 'n mix delights, and much more, this bag is sure to bring a wave of deliciousness into your life.

Each Mini Mystery Treat Bag is carefully curated in sets 10 to ensure a delightful experience, making it the perfect indulgence for yourself or a delightful gift for someone special. We've filled it with treats worth £10 or more, guaranteeing exceptional value for your money.

Unwrap the bag to discover a variety of mouth-watering chew bars, offering a blend of flavours and textures that will keep you craving for more. Dive into our assortment of grab bags, each containing a surprise combination of tantalizing treats. And of course, our pick 'n mix selection will let you create your own personal candy experience with a mix of flavours and shapes.

The Mini Mystery Treat Bag is not only a sweet treasure trove but also a convenient companion. With its compact size, it's perfect for carrying around, whether you're on the go, at the office, or simply enjoying a day out. Indulge in a delectable assortment anytime, anywhere!

Experience the joy of unravelling delightful surprises and savouring a variety of delectable treats with our Mini Mystery Treat Bag. Order yours today and let the adventure begin!

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